Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wild Marigolds


During my walk, quite unprepared,

I came upon a patch of marigolds,

Yellow like the shining sun, wild,

Harbinger of the winter days;

But this is only October, I thought,

And already the fields are turning gold!


I wished you’d been there to see them,

You, who had loved the genda blossoms;

Sometimes all we need is someone

To see the beautiful things with:

Because one heart may not be enough

To feast on what the eyes have seen.


But though I was alone, I fretted not.

Sometimes when you see loveliness

And remember someone fondly

The heart, if untainted by bitterness,

Will multiply that joy: I too felt

Two sets of eyes watching the marigolds.


Diptesh Ghosh


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