Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Poem


In the quiet lake of my heart

I heard a poem flap its wings.

It nested on the shallow edges

Stirring its dark tranquil waters;


It would not stay, it flew away.

So I wrote your name on a sheet

And cast it like a paper boat

On the deserted waters:


There it still floats, like a swan,

Elegant and undisturbed,

Far more perfect and complete

Than any poem I ever wrote.


Diptesh Ghosh
The wind sways the dark woods
And I, who have dug my roots
Deep into the cold earth,
Feel the air shake my leaves
Whispering sweet nothings;
A bird sings in the forest shadows.
This was once your song
Long ago in a green summer;
Now around me daisies wither
And softly falls the autumn rain.
My yellow leaves hang trembling,
Frost-crisped, ready to fall.
The wind, with tender hands,
Comes and pries open all I have.
But he is no sly beggar:
For each leaf that falls tonight
He sends me brand new words
Till suddenly the prosaic heart
Asks unanswerable questions
Speaking only in poetry.
Diptesh Ghosh

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