Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mid-life Resolutions

Now that this sorry chapter is over
And my sailboat of love, fighting the winds
Has crashed against the rocks of reality
Let’s call it quits, let us fall out of love.
I do not want to look at the vast world
Only through your dark eyes any longer;
I do not want to feel overwhelmed
Just holding your small hands in mine;

In the waters of my mind you have put
A sadness for as long as we may live;
Love should not be so strong that its absence
Stills the heart or tears the soul apart.
I want to know easy forgetfulness.
I shall do away with this dark passion
That like a knife, when I speak to you,
Buries itself in me, up to the hilt;

The next time I fall in love, if I do,
I shall talk to her of the smallest things.
Over a coffee, instead of heartaches
We shall laugh at each other’s silly jokes.
The world is too vast and complex
And all I need is someone two feet away
Finding something to talk and laugh about
Without worrying about right impressions;

If my hand shall tremble holding her hands
It shall tremble with a human trembling.
If I must knock on doors of pain again
It mustn’t be love, for there’s suffering enough.
When she asks me if I have made some plans
I will say yes: to read and drink and travel
For the remainder of my given years;
She will know I meant all of them with her.

Diptesh Ghosh

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