Thursday, November 14, 2013



Sorrow has entered my heart

Unseen, and unheard,

Like silent dew drops

Falling softly at night.


When I walk barefoot on my soul

I too am surprised

To find even out of season

These, my dew-drenched feet.



The Abandoned House


No one comes to the old house anymore.

In the shade of the Deodar trees it stands

Among roses gone wild, grass gone to seed;

Perhaps it fell into slow decay, with the years,

Like one of old age, uncared and unloved,

Despite the magpies and swallows that once nested here.


Only a dog ambles in almost every night.

He has a corner among the broken beams

Where he falls asleep under the stars;

Perhaps he remembers old happy things.

I know it’s not the jonquils or daisies that call him

Or the sad sound of rain on the broken glass;


He is stuck to the shadows of his past,

He cannot go back, he cannot move on.


The Eagle


The gray eagle sweeps over the green valley.

He spreads his great wings and rides the warm air.

Below him kingfishers and ducks hover around the water;

The little town hums with life and laughter.


If he could, he would pause a while, sit on the banyan tree,

He would stop by to watch how the world fares.


But the great wings are meant for flying high.

Loneliness is the price one must pay

For wanting to soar high above the earth;


Diptesh Ghosh


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