Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reunion Blues


Meeting friends after the halfway years:

Some forced laughter among the real ones,

Smart wardrobes and sucked in bellies,

Us fighting again to make anew

The second of first impressions;


The daughters and sons look similar

To the old friends we knew long ago;

Invariably we will compare:

He has gained weight, she must work out,

They were always rolling in money.


The whisky can work miracles:

The talk veers to politics and jobs.

Now and then someone remembers

Past exploits, old loves, and friendships

And we pause to recall how things were;


The names and numbers are exchanged;

Only sometimes the gray mist rises:

I can see a girl in pony-tails

Like when I had given her my heart;

A chance phrase brings back a friend to me.


In the mirror I see a familiar boy

Shabby and unaware of the ways

Of the complicated world of men:

I am not worried for who he is now.

I’m distressed by what he will become.


One day this boy will walk into a room

Teeming with friends and loves, full of doubts;

I wish I could tell him what I know:

Familiar alleys will lead him home

He, who is now a stranger to himself;


Diptesh Ghosh


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