Thursday, November 14, 2013

In Paddy Fields

Your feet and calves and chapped hands

Are matted with mud and grass-caked;

You work silently, your head down

Like a contemplative deer feeding

On wild grass after months of rain;


You do not notice if evening has come.

You’ve ignored the intermittent rains

And after the showers, this dark sunlight;

Your green anchal trails you in the field

Till the paddy is greener through its touch;


Your face is lost in the flowing hair

Darker than the stormy eastern skies;

The wind clears its throat in the woods.

Even the rain seems ready to sing.

The clouds linger like curious passerby.


Only me and a lone grazing cow

Watch you silently, wordlessly.

I am lost in your quiet beauty.

I have no need of any poems.

My silence is swelling in your praise.


Diptesh Ghosh


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