Thursday, November 14, 2013



Stop peddling this story about love.

Love is no elixir.

It will not save you

From the ravages of time,

Or warm you

In the cold embrace of death;


It will break your heart slowly

And teach you beautiful things

You never knew about sorrow.


But even then,

Do not give up on love.

After all the pain and heartbreak,

It is still the one thing worth fighting for.



Because I know no other way,

Though there have been others who have suffered greatly,

Though the world changes slowly, eventually,

Learning to tend to the open wounds

Like one mends tattered clothes,

Learning to move on;


The world goes about its way

Learning and unlearning sorrow

And getting familiar with new joys;


But because I know no other way,

I pretend to love you a little less than I really do

Every passing day,


And when we meet I wave at you

And smile as friends are supposed to do.


Diptesh Ghosh


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