Friday, March 23, 2012


A day may perhaps come
When you will wake to find
Things amiss: joys will bear a mark,
A shadow will fall on the sun.
And maybe at that same moment
My love which had set sail
Many years ago, finally
Touches down on your shores.

A stranger to your lands
I cannot speak your tongue,
I know not customs of your heart.
A stargazer, I had no map
To lead me home to you. For years
I roamed the seas, like Ulysses;
I did not give up hope
Though all had seemed so lost.

You told me how you thought
This was not perhaps love:
You thought not, but what had I
To do with balmy sailing winds?
No storm could deter me, no wind
Could ever push me back; I came.
And that is why your hours
And days are salted with regret.

Diptesh Ghosh

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