Saturday, March 24, 2012

His Dream

He dreams about the mountains,
With winding roads green with moss
And valleys where long grass grows;
He can see the petals on
Blooming rhododendrons,
He almost tastes the sweetness
Of apples in the orchards.

He hears the muezzin’s echoing call,
The peal of bells in the temple;
He traces the gurgling stream
Spluttering through the leaf-strewn fields;
The skies are bluer than opals.
The forests greener than emeralds,
But something still feels incomplete.

In his dream he can’t remember,
A face with those dimpled cheeks,
The wave of raven black hair
Falling on an always open book:
He tries to imagine her presence
Again by his favorite window.
But the window is empty.

Diptesh Ghosh

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