Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Road Not Taken

There it stands, waiting, the road not taken.
Like all other roads that I have walked on,
But only less defined, more mysterious.
Like Frost, I had once not made up my mind,
For I was young and there were such choices.
I know now, the road must choose us as well.

Often on days when things do not work out
I look back at past cross-roads wondering
What if I had taken that other road?
And when I am tired of my charted routes
I recall this old road that perhaps leads
To the purple mountains, the bluest sea.

The loves we love most have really no shapes
Except what we conjure up in our minds:
They are lovely because we will it so.
Amidst all of life’s great disappointments
We cling to old roads that were not taken:
For there must be that one untraveled road.

Always beyond our reach but recalled well,
Mysterious, promising, and so perfect.

Diptesh Ghosh

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